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Pressefoto Filmemacher David Cebulla - Die letzten Feldhamster
David Cebulla

“I am David, nature filmmaker and ecologist. In my films I show only free-living wildlife and I want to inspire for nature. I have been working intensively about the European hamster since 2020 and would be pleased to support you as an expert in your reporting.”

This is what I can offer

a clear attitude and expertise

Practical experience on habitat, endangerment and protection of the Common hamster in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Kazakhstan

high quality photos

of wild European hamsters
in different habitats

quick and uncomplicated response

written quotes,
interviews on the phone, via videocall,
at your place or ours

These are my perspectives

  • Occurrence of Common hamsters in different habitats: in cultivated landscape, urban retreat and the steppe
  • Causes of endangerment in different countries
  • protection measures in practice and in political dimension
  • various aspects of behavioral biology
  • mapping and searching of Common hamsters
  • Common hamsters in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Kazakhstan
  • black Common hamsters in Thuringia

Press contact

Heide Moldenhauer

For interviews or other inquiries, kindly contact Heide Moldenhauer:
+49 3641/ 271 69 52

Press photos – David Cebulla

Get in touch with us for more images. And visit David Cebulla’s website for our current press releases and further press photos from other projects:

Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus) David Cebulla

Download free living European hamster in Thuringia, Germany

David Cebulla Naturfilmer "Die letzten Feldhamster"

Download David Cebulla, nature filmmaker and ecologist

Pressefoto Filmemacher David Cebulla - Die letzten Feldhamster

Download David Cebulla, nature filmmaker and ecologist

Press releases

Shooting ends for The Last Common Hamsters after two years on the hamster field (October 2022)

Note on credits

Thank you for your interest! You may use the photos and texts on this page to report about David Cebulla and his work. We kindly ask you to inform us if you do.