Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus) David Cebulla Film Feldhamsterdoku

The Film “The Last Common Hamsters”

"Die letzten Feldhamster" Expedition David Cebulla Naturfilme

Three years on the hamster field

For this film, we were able to document wild hamsters in various countries. As the Common hamster is an umbrella species, the film shows a critical perspective on modern agricultural and environmental policy.

The Film

The Last Common Hamsters

Our filming locations were in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Hungary and Kazakhstan. We were also able to intensively observe the particularly rare black hamsters.

Schwarzhamster schwarzer Feldhamster, Foto: David Cebulla
Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus) David Cebulla Film Feldhamsterdoku

The Last Common Hamsters

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For almost three years, nature filmmaker and ecologist David Cebulla has been observing wild Common hamsters. He not only tries to learn more about the species, but also documents why hamsters are globally threatened with extinction. David travels from the western border of the distribution area in France via Germany, Poland, Austria and Hungary to the eastern border of the distribution area in the Kazakh steppe. In the process, he manages to capture some unique and fantastic images. But during the project, it becomes increasingly difficult to find animals living in the wild.

Gefährdung Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus) David Cebulla
David Cebulla Kasachstan Expedition
  • Genre: naturefilm
  • Running time: about 120 minutes
  • Languages: German, English
  • Production: 2020-2023
  • Planned release: 2024

Pre-production teaser

Pressefoto Filmemacher David Cebulla - Die letzten Feldhamster
David Cebulla


“I wanted to document the remaining populations of hamsters in an entirely new way. Because if we don’t act now, these will be the last Common hamsters.”

David Cebulla (*1990) studied biology and ecology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. As a full-time filmmaker and producer of nature films, he has been working on the Common Hamster since 2020.

About the film production

This is probably the most comprehensive film about the European hamster. Never before has this endangered species been shown up close in its natural habitat. This could be the last comprehensive contemporary document about the European hamster.

Only wild animals

no studio recordings, bred animals only in the context of being released into the wild

Unique recordings

food foraging, grooming, flight, predation, mating, juveniles and much more

Gloabl perspektive

We have documented hamsters from the eastern to the western border of their distribution area.

Diverse habitats

from modern agriculture, hamster protection areas, small-scale farming and urban spaces to the steppe

Steppe hamsters

We were the first to film the species in its pristine habitat in the Kazakh steppe.

David Cebulla Die letzten Feldhamster
David Cebulla Naturfilmer "Die letzten Feldhamster"



The Thuringian State Chancellery funded the project development phase in 2020. The financing of the first shooting session in 2021 was supported by a crowdfunding campaign and the Stadtwerke Jena Group as well as the Thuringian Ministry of the Environment. The second shooting session in 2022 was funded by the Thuringian State Chancellery. We would like to thank all supporters of the crowdfunding campaign and the funders of the project:

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