Wie erkennt man einen Feldhamsterbau? David Cebulla NaturfilmeMelanistischer schwarzer Feldhamster (Cricetus cricetus) David CebullaDavid Cebulla Naturfilmer "Die letzten Feldhamster"

The Last Common Hamsters

Way of Life

Common hamsters are known for their distinctive fur coloring, their food hoarding, and their burrows. But there are many more interesting aspects about their way of life.


Various aspects of modern agriculture and the loss of habitats due to construction projects are among major threats to Common hamsters.


There are many ways to reconcile human land use with species conservation and actively protect the European hamster from extinction.

We create awareness about the Common hamster

Here you can find many texts, photos and videos about the way of life, endangerment and protection of the field hamster.

Film: “The Last Common Hamsters

Over three years, we searched for last Common hamster populations worldwide and, in addition to long-term behavior observations in Germany, we also filmed Common hamsters in Poland, Hungary, France, Austria, and Kazakhstan.

Mapping and training about the Common hamster

We map areas for the occurrence of Common hamsters or train your employees on the habitat requirements of the Common hamster, its endangerment and protection measures as well as the identification of Common hamster burrows.

Events and presentations

We have been searching for European hamsters since 2020 and were able to film the endangered species in Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Austria and Kazakhstan.

You are planning a project about the Common hamster?

We are pleased to advise you on mapping, hamster protection measures or educational events about the Common hamster. For journalists we offer interviews and press photos.