Black Common Hamsters

Schwarzhamster schwarzer Feldhamster, Foto: David Cebulla

Black Common hamsters (Cricetus cricetus)? They exist! They are not completely black. Their snout, paws and a spot on their chest are white. This fur coloring goes back to a genetic mutation. The black hamster, often also melanistic hamster, can reproduce with the commonly colored hamster. The black colour is a recessive trait.

In Germany the black common hamster occures in Thuringia. Often this is mentioned as the only habitat of melanistic hamsters in the EU. During our research and shooting for the film “The Last Common Hamsters” we found out that it also occures in Hungary and Romania. In addition, other color variants are documented, but these are even rarer. The melanistic European hamster can also be seen in the upcoming film “The Last Common Hamsters”.

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