Common hamster poop - feces of Cricetus cricetus

Have you ever seen a Common hamster poop?

Common hamsters use latrines in the burrow to defecate. This can be an important clue to determine a hamster burrow. The droppings are bean-shaped and about a centimeter long or slightly longer. They might just have followed a call of nature. Or the Common hamster uses its feces to mark its home range. Common hamster feces are therefore often found near burrow entrances or on the hamsters’ walking paths. In addition to droppings, the hamster can also use urine or its flank glands for marking.


Scientists use hamster droppings, for example, to study the species’ diet. During the filming of the movie “The Last Common Hamsters”, we were also able to observe individuals burying their droppings. You can see this in the YouTube video about Common hamster droppings: