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Film "The Last Common Hamsters"

Crowdfunding Trailer for the Common Hamster

In 2020 we developed a project about Common hamsters in Thuringia. We discussed and corresponded with various actors and experts for the Common hamster and its protection. The search for partners and hamster habitats in Thuringia was just as important as literature research. In addition, we developed suitable technical and methodological procedures for filming at night and in hamster burrows. Our focus was to create a content concept, a first screenplay draft and to produce of a trailer.

This trailer offers some insights into the project. Huge thanks to everyone who supported environmental education and the protection of the Common hamster in our corwdfunding campaign at!

You can read an english translation of the transcript here. [read more]

357.000 square kilometers – that is the size of Germany. About half of it is used for agriculture. This land is not only the foundation for our food supply, but also wildlife habitat. However, we are facing a critical loss of biodiversity.

As a synanthropic species the common hamster was only able to propagate on the basis of agriculture. Today it is critically endangered. Just like one million other species around the world. Germany is particularly responsible for the conservation of the species. In protecting the common hamster we are also helping many other endangered species, who depend on the ecosystems of our farmland.

This, this is me, David. I am a nature filmmaker and ecologist from Thuringia. For over a year I have been searching for the rare Common hamsters. My journey starts with the alarming decline of hamsters in Germany, leads to an expedition to the original habitat in the Kazakh Steppe, and to rural Ukraine. I talk to conservationists, scientists and farmers. I want to create enthusiasm for nature and also show critically the impact of intensified agriculture on biodiversity. I try to learn more about those fascinating animals. And I want to search for the even rarer black hamsters, which occur in Thuringia. I only want to film wild animals and use new methods and equipment, which has not been utilized before. I want to show possibilities to protect the Common hamsters. Because if we don’t act now, this will remain the search for the last Common hamsters of our time.


You can also find an english teaser on YouTube.
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The cultural film funding of the Thuringian State Chancellery funded the first phase of this project.