Crowdfunding Trailer for the Common Hamster

Trailer feldhamster Film David Cebulla

In 2020 we developed a project about Common hamsters in Thuringia. We discussed and corresponded with various actors and experts for the Common hamster and its protection. The search for partners and hamster habitats in Thuringia was just as important as literature research. In addition, we developed suitable technical and methodological procedures for filming at night and in hamster burrows. Our focus was to create a content concept, a first screenplay draft and to produce of a trailer.

This trailer offers some insights into the project. Huge thanks to everyone who supported environmental education and the protection of the Common hamster in our corwdfunding campaign at!

You can read an english translation of the transcript here. Read More

You can also find an english teaser on YouTube.
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The cultural film funding of the Thuringian State Chancellery funded the first phase of this project.

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